Thanks for your interest in Tai Chi Gung. Private sessions focus on bringing regeneration to every aspect of your life. This includes strenghtening your connection to the energy itself, then improving your energy through your mind, breath, movement and nutrition. This is a person’s foundation. The other 4 aspects of regeneration involve how you are connected to the world: They include: work, money, relationships and Nature.

Success depends on raising your energy consistently with daily practice, adding things that you’re passionate about, removing things that deplete you. Private sessions can get you there more quickly because you’re able to draw on your mentor’s 36 years of experience doing Tai Chi Gung.

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Please schedule a free 30 minute call with me to speak more about private sessions. Private sessions are quite unique to each individual and we can get answers to your questions about them best when we talk to each other. There is no fee or obligation with this call. Best wishes, Master David

Free 30 minute call with Master David Paul