Thanks for your interest in Tai Chi Gung. I teach all 16 live online classes you receive each month. They are part of the Live Class Membership on In addition to the 4 group classes each week, you also get full access to the content of the Private Membership for the same price.

So you receive 8 hours of live classes with Master Lama Rasaji too. There are more than 60 hours of archived recordings. With your membership, you get a digital version of his first book “Circle of Chi” as well. These are the core teachings of the Tai Chi Gung. It is the first book of Tai Chi Gung allowed to be written in the entire 3000 year lineage.

16 Online (4 additional weekly live classes with Master Lama Rasaji are included, plus 60 hrs of archive recordings)

Online: $80/mo.

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