Regenerative work happens when the effort is coming from the soul. Those inspired by the soul energy can work for days at a time without getting tired. They can dedicate years of effort to a cause and not be deterred. The work seems to generate its own light, all by itself. There is an aura of heaven around someone doing their soul mission. It is far beyond “normal”.

The world has fallen quite far from this ideal. It is quite rare to find those fully immersed in their soul mission. Those who pursue it stand out among vast crowds that have chosen to fit in or have settled for less. These people are admired by some, envied by others. They’re often misunderstood and can feel isolated. Those who pursue entrepreneurship often have the soul energy about them.

It’s happening more and more because the world is evolving. People are waking up to the thought that their work should be deeply satisfying in every way. Put another way, their work is a spiritual calling.

What is happening to the energy with those who pursue their soul’s purpose on earth? In short, they are bringing the 5th dimension into the physical dimension. They are manifesting an eternal frequency through their body, mind, and spirit.

We have a physical body in the 3rd dimension. Our every day thoughts and feelings vibrate in an energy field around our body and are in the 4th dimension. The soul vibrates from the 5th dimension. It is eternal. It is of only light. It is pure and it is perfect by design. When our thoughts, feelings, words and actions are filled with the soul energy, they carry much more power.

Great performers do this. Inspiring speakers do it. It permeates artistic masterpieces and inventions that change the world. It has a connection to regeneration that is seldom understood or used to its full potential. Many feel that soul energy happens only by chance. It is a mysterious accident of fate. Or… “they were born talented”. They’re “gifted”. I’ve been around a lot of “gifted” musicians in my life. I can say from 100s of encounters with them, the “gifted” know that effort often accounts for 90% of their success. Their inner drive to keep going though, to do the work, is quite mysterious. It is of angels.

For the vast majority of people, even for the most profound geniuses among humanity, only a small portion of their soul energy ever completely enters the physical world. When it is here completely, they become the avatars in the world. Master Rabbi Jesus, Krishna, the Buddha, Quan Yin, Mother Mary.

There are spiritual practices that bring the soul energy into the body by design. Tai Chi Gung is one of them. It is as profound as it is simple. Having soul energy in the body is something that young children experience quite a bit. For the most part, they they do it unconsciously. The memory is there however, and when an adult learns to do what children do naturally with their soul energy, their life changes forever.

One of the reasons that children, especially those under the age of 6 have so much energy is that their rational minds do not slow down the life force. Their soul energy is not blocked. In Tai Chi Gung classes, students learn how to breathe energy, put space between their thoughts and tap into this higher frequency by focusing beyond their rational mind. It takes courage, but it is simple to do.

And along the way, they learn to choose their thoughts, and can even learn how to “not think” at all. They learn to focus on the intent of their soul so passionately that all circumstances in the world move in their favor so that all their work now comes from their soul. It is an incredibly regenerative way to be in the world.

The 3 column exercise explained in the Energy Guide download is a very useful tool to begin to discern what one’s soul mission is. To assist further, Master David Paul offers free 30 minute consultations. You can schedule a free session to talk about it from the calendar at the bottom of the home page on



Enora Brown · January 25, 2024 at 8:46 pm

I was very interested in the Tai Chi and healing music videos that I saw on line. They were fascinating and I would like to know more. I just recently learned about Solfreggio and felt that was integral to you work.

I am also interested in the online classes that you offer. Do you also have any recommendations for good sources in Chicago, IL? I look forward to hearing from you and having an opportunity to talk with you. Much thanks.

David · January 25, 2024 at 9:16 pm

Hi Enora,

It’s so nice to hear from you. I’d enjoy talking with you. I’m happy to share what I know about the healing music. You can schedule a free 30 minute call with me from a calender app near the bottom of the home page. They guide you through that. I happen to be the National director of Teacher training for my Tai Chi Gung Master. I lead live online classes 4 times a week from our community website. We do have a great teacher in Chicago now if you want an in person class. Her name is Gabriela. You can reach out to her from the “Local Classes” tab on The live classes are available to Live Class Members. It’s fairly straight forward, but let me know if you have questions. Best wishes. Master David

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