How does the Tai Chi Gung system address weight loss or weight gain? Often we ask students to do the exercises for 3 to 6 months before they consider making changes to their diet. Why? Because when a student learns to breathe the energy directly, they are tapping into a source of nutrition that more than 80% of the people on the planet do not know about or use… including those who give advice about weight management.

With experience breathing energy directly, students can make changes more easily because they have a higher quality substitute for low energy foods. They get what they need from a lighter source of nutrition.

Imagine that everything you eat or do not eat has one underlying purpose: to help you stay balanced. Balanced in your body, balanced in your mind and in your emotions, and even balanced in your soul. So you’re often reaching for things that are “bad” for you to satisfy a need in more than just one area.

When you tap into a higher quality of nutrition, you have more choices. The cravings can be satisfied by sources of nutrition that are not limited to what you eat and drink. There is skill in making this work for you. Someone who has truly mastered breathing energy can literally choose to eat or not eat.

In Yogananda’s book, “The Autobiography of a Yogi”, there is the story of a woman who was ridiculed as a young teenager for her excess weight. In tears, she walked by a wandering monk who showed her a special breathing technique. She mastered it, and never ate again. She ate nothing and remained a sweet caring soul living a full life with husband and children. There’s a picture in the book to provide evidence. Ironically, one of her favorite passtimes was to cook for her family, yet she never ate again.

Bringing Regeneration to Weight management is a very individual process because every one has a different set of beliefs, breathing patterns, movement habits and a biochemistry that flows out of them. Once you can breathe energy, you notice a couple things. You can “process” emotional reactions more easily. You learn to raise your vibration connecting with Nature and the energy, and remove those thoughts and feelings from your energy field that might show up as cravings.

From a physical health perspective, your metabolism actually begins in your energy field. As you breathe energy directly, you can alter it and bring it into balance. This isn’t mentioned in books that focus only on biology. It’s mentioned in some metaphysical books on weight management, but few of them understand that the breath is the bridge between the field and the body. In Tai Chi Gung, both are addressed: the physical side and the energy side.

Tai Chi Gung students also discover that many of their cravings come from being in the energy of other people. Nurses, doctors, child care professionals, nursing home attendants, physical therapists, massage therapists and many more often fall into the situation where they eat according to the appetites of their clients and patients. They carry their patients energy home with them, and their diet patterns are highly influenced by them.

Beth is a cardiologist in her 50s with a staff of 15 physicians and surgeons that report to her. She began practicing Tai Chi Gung about two and a half years ago. Everyone at the hospital notices how calm she has become. She leads a Tai Chi Gung class in the cardiac rehab center where she works. And, without changing her diet at all, she has lost 60 pounds since adding Tai Chi Gung to her daily routine.

In private sessions with clients, I’ll often work with them to get a regeneration plan working for their diet. It has a mind part, a breath part, a movement part and these together impact the actual “eating and drinking” part. It’s wonderful to see the personal power come to these students. They choose their healthy weight and see it manifest.

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