Ask anyone who tries to work on 2 hours less sleep a night for 5 or 6 days in a row, and they’ll tell you how difficult it is. They just don’t have the energy they need. No energy drink or Venti Starbucks bridges the gap.

What is really happening energy-wise when you get less sleep than you need? That only makes sense when you understand what happens energetically during sleep.

Your psycho-emotional health depends on regular scrubbing and cleansing of stress and tension out of your field. This happens during the night when you sleep. Some of it happens in dreams. Other aspects are related to your unconscious state. You aren’t thinking thoughts, and the body can recover because it’s not being bombarded constantly.

Insomnia is often accompanied by something called the “monkey mind”. Mental chatter that flits all over the place, incessantly repeats, grinds on the soul keeping you awake, even though your physical body is exhausted.

In Tai Chi Gung, we learn to displace the random thinking with space between our thoughts as we learn to breathe energy consciously. We learn to direct the energy that fuels thought down the front of the body. You literally think less, because you don’t send energy to your mind that fuels thinking.

A person who can choose their thoughts is an adept. But someone who can literally choose not to think, anytime, anywhere is a true master. What do they replace thoughts with? Well, they learn that the truest part of them is beyond thinking. They’re soul is eternal, and when radiating the light of their soul, thoughts are possible, but optional.

From the very first class, students of Tai Chi Gung practice connecting the life force in Nature. Most find it remarkable they can do this indoors, and right away. This connection brings a natural calm. It builds an energy of peace that shows up for them as ease in falling asleep at night and depth of recovery as they rest. You can see the exercises all students do in a short video on the home page of Restful sleep is definitely one of the most common comments we receive from beginning students. The results are magical.



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