Imagine for a moment that every human relationship, every conversation, every encounter between two people could be measured and displayed like the battery level on a smart phone. When does a relationship recharge your battery? When are they depleting? Why? How do you fix them?

So what happens to the energy when both people are getting their battery filled in a relationship? What is the energy doing when one person is filling up but the other gets drained by the interaction? When both are drained afterwards, what just happened?

And, most of all, why is this stuff important? The flow of energy is like the wind. The sails are our words, thoughts and feelings. Trimming the sails is important, but without understanding the wind and how to use it, you won’t get where you want to go, at least not consciously.

In simple words, we want relationships that fill us up, that regenerate us. One of the true advantages of doing Tai Chi Gung exercises is that you have a conscious connection to the life force, and a conscious awareness of what is happening to your energy field. You become aware of the truth in your relationships very quickly. Half the time, it’s just confusing. What is going on here?

With a conscious connection to the energy, you can literally remove any frequency of thought or feeling out of your spirit, mind and body. It won’t matter if it is your thought, or the thought of another that is in your field. It won’t matter if it is your own falling short, choosing the negative, or that energy is the result of the aggression of a predator you have a relationship with for some reason.

When you can remove the influence, when you can step back and see it from a detached point of view, you can figure out what is yours, what is theirs, what is neither of yours, and how to move forward.

So few people do this on an ongoing basis, that the conflicts just fester and build up until the only way to relieve the pressure is to separate, or to end the relationship completely.

The power of Tai Chi Gung is that it allows you to clear every day. And you re-connect to the source so you can continue to be generous. Or at the very least, be neutral in a volatile situation when the other is going through a difficult time.

The key to keeping relationships strong over time, is to commit yourself to developing a stronger and stronger connection to the life force itself. How one does this is a personal choice in Tai Chi Gung. Your spiritual life, is your spiritual life. Lao Tzu figured out how to move and breathe with Nature to fill up your battery every single day, at a moment’s notice. Only students of the art actually experience this first hand, but it’s a powerful part of his regenerative system worth mentioning.

The soul of a human being exists eternally… and beyond a person’s thoughts and feelings in any moment. While most systems of self improvement focus on the mental or the metaphysical aspects of growth, Tai Chi Gung knows that your thoughts and feelings are part, but not all of you. When you connect to the life force in Nature by moving with and breathe energy consciously, you can literally put space between your thoughts. And at the same time, raise your energy level, so that you have higher quality thoughts.

Part of the trick with a relationship is to avoid becoming dependent on another person. By going to the infinite source of all life as your first choice; you can fill your battery completely, every time. It takes considerable self esteem to re-charge daily when the world is set up to drain you of your energy and life force. But your life will begin to take on the qualities of heaven on earth as you figure it out.

See Lao Tzu’s movements that connect you to Nature, and how they work in a short video on