Many people are surprised to learn that the ancient sage Lao Tzu was actually born in India. While living there, he became recognized as one of the most accomplished Yoga masters of his time. In India, he had the name Boganathar. It was emperor Chen, his first and only student in China that gave him the title Lao Tzu.

Boganathar mastered 3 different yoga disciplines: Hatha, Pranayama and Kundalini Yoga. Even so, along that way, he found himself deeply troubled. Many of the spiritual masters he studied with seemed to completely disregard their physical bodies. They spent days, weeks, even months in meditation out of their physical bodies and their bodies were withering away. They appeared sickly, barely more than skin and bones; yet they didn’t seem to care. What was spiritual about that?

This contrast led him to a core question. “If God is God, He/She is all powerful and omnipresent, in all dimensions. By common sense, this must include the physical world. How is it that these profound spiritual masters do not demonstrate health and vitality in their physical bodies? Where is God in regard to their physical lives? What is missing from their picture of spirituality?”

Shortly after this, he met a wandering Sadhu and shared some of the visions that were coming to him while contemplating this apparent contradiction. The wandering monk felt that Boganathar’s visions of deep lush forests, pure flowing rivers, and majestic mountains were most likely in far away China.

So Boganathar decided to leave India, trek to China and immerse himself in Nature. Perhaps Nature had the answers that none of the spiritual masters seemed to know. Over the next 50 years Boganathar/Lao Tzu spent his time practicing his sadhanas in Nature.

He discovered that it was possible to move the body and breathe with the life force in such a way that it restored the physical body to health. Pursue this connection long enough, and a Tai Chi Gung student could regenerate his or her physical body for many centuries. His was a system of doing. Do the thing, get the power.

It is often said that the entirety of Lao Tzu’s Tai Chi Gung is contained in a student’s very first class. You can see the core exercises presented to all students when they come by visiting

After 36 years of daily practice with these same beginning exercises, I’ve noticed that a very unique way of connecting with Nature has gradually developed. In the simplest words, the energy that students feel during Tai Chi Gung class is the very language of Nature Herself.

I share a reflection of what that “looks” like, and what it has come to mean to me personally through original music. You can listen at

While there isn’t an easy way to communicate how profound this connection feels; I can articulate how it happens from an energy point of view.

When two people meet and “fall in love”, a unique flow of energy happens between them. The human soul is not only Light, it is also connected to the Infinite Source of All Life beyond all time and space. That unbounded, unlimited life force can flow from eternity through a human being to another. For the two of them, time literally stands still, the vibration is so high. It is extraordinarily regenerative.

While this love can be shared in other ways, it’s quite special between two people. As they radiate and share their Light, it can grow exponentially between them. It represents true regeneration. It’s very similar to a fusion reaction. A reaction that releases more energy than it consumes.

While it takes time to feel the life energy in your energy field (aura) as much as you feel your physical hands for example, it is a skill that does grow. It does happen. Feeling energy now, after 36 years of training is as real to me as warmth coming from a fire, sitting beside it on a winter day.

So your sensitivity to Nature, and your ability to communicate with Her increases with practice. It’s not a “given”. Its as if you gradually increase your vocabulary in a completely new language. Eventually, you can express not just rudimentary things with Her, but you can share what you truly feel. In one of it’s highest forms, you become each other.

The extraordinary thing to keep in mind is this: Nature has never fallen out of love with humanity. She does not limit, or qualify or hold back, even though 99.9 percent of the human race does not reciprocate. The potential of this reciprocation is talked about in James Redfield’s book, “The Celestine Prophecy”. It’s quite profound, and in many ways just scratches the surface of what is possible when a energy figure 8s flow between two people, or between Nature and you.

When you begin to share the energy of your own life force with Nature on purpose, and you feel it coming back to you; you finally have a conscious relationship. This carries the potential of a fusion reaction. It is this kind of relationship that Lao Tzu developed with Nature, allowing him to live more than 250 years. And that, by any estimation, is an extraordinary love affair.