There is a powerful influence in the unconscious mind within every human being on the planet. It leads to a fear that we have no choice about when or how we are going to leave the earth when our life comes to an end. At the Tai Chi Gung Lamasery in Tibet, this is called the unconscious death urge.

For many adults, a traumatic experience at some point in their lives triggers or awakens the death urge. It’s influence begins to flood into the conscious mind and into the energy field surrounding the body. Mine first surfaced when my sister passed away in her early 40s. The effect was a ripple of struggle to remain positive, to remain connected to people in relationships, to prosper in my business and remain healthy.

In Lao Tzu’s Tai Chi Gung system of health and longevity, through the grace of Masters and Lamas who have passed down his teachings in an unbroken line for more than 3000 years, solutions for the death urge are readily available to those who embrace the exercises and do the work.

The reality is that the soul is immortal. And the physical body is made up of the elements of Nature: Earth, Water, Fire and Air. These elements vibrate with an immortal frequency as well. The part that needs attention for longevity, is what sits between the soul and the physical body: Our Mind and Emotions.

Part of the challenge is to raise one’s vibration enough to actually come across information that challenges what the world says is inevitable: human beings grow old, fall apart and die. While this outcome is tremendously popular, that doesn’t make it true.

So exceptions need to be found. I’ll never forget walking with my teacher during our weekly class over on the grounds of the Catholic school and church where I was working at the time. A priest both of us had grown to love, came bounding out of the sanctuary. At the top of his lungs he was shouting, “She healed her. Mother Mary healed her!”

A parishioner suffering from 4th stage liver cancer was being prayed for by many in the congregation. She had just returned from the final MRI before surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Florida, and all of the tumor was missing. There was no reason to do the surgery. There was no cancer present any longer.

As the priest went on his way, Master Lama Rasaji turned to me and asked, “Do you know why that happened from an energy point of view?”

“No” I replied, “But I’d sure like to know.”

“Every malady, every symptom of disease or discomfort in the physical body is anchored by a seed thought and a vibration that sustains it. When prayers are offered, and/or when ascended Masters choose to do so (with the permission of the soul whose body is sick), they raise the vibration of the body and the energy field surrounding it until the lower thought and vibration can no longer remain in the 3rd dimension. The symptom disappears.

However, even when the physical evidence of the illness has disappeared, the root cause may not have been addressed. If the individual continues or returns to the thoughts and feelings that led to the sickness in the first place, and keeps them going long enough, the symptoms will likely return. This accounts for what is often called “remission” of certain disease states.

And on the other side of this, if you raise the energy sufficiently, and at the same time dissolve the seed thought, the healing takes place on all levels. It is gone. It no longer exists for that person, and it will not return. This ability to heal another is part of what it means to be human.

While we have a tendency to attribute this ability to heal to a select few, all can learn to do it. And eventually, many human beings will come to understand, that they can do it for themselves, inside themselves.”

Miraculous healings occur in every denomination and religious and spiritual organization. In a way, it’s like time compresses short enough, that the sudden recovery seems impossible to the rational mind. But the process is the same. Raise the energy, lose the malady. Lower the energy, bring on the malady. There is a scientific process of creation present in all circumstances.

What is so often lost on the general population, is that aging itself is an illness. It is a set of thoughts and feelings that are repeated for years, for decades until they anchor inside the body and produce symptoms. To participate in longevity, it is a simple process of identifying the seed thoughts of degeneration and releasing them.

Most often, people become aware of the things they “bought into” by raising their frequency. It is the regeneration that brings the unconscious thought to light. That often starts with the desire of the soul to challenge their own status quo.

Practicing the Tai Chi Gung exercises connects one to the immortal vibration in Nature, and in doing so, brings the light of consciousness. That new light helps people recognize those things that are/were slowing down their vitality.

P.S. On the homepage of, I share a simple 3 step process for bringing regeneration into daily life. There is even a video of the 4 core exercises used by students to raise their frequency and clear their field of slower vibrations. These are unadultered exercises directly from Lao Tzu who shared them with the original 12 Lamas at the school he opened more than 3000 years ago.