There are some fascinating claims circulating all over the digital world about the power of music to heal. Listen to this and your migranes will disappear. Put on this and repair your DNA. Play our music and remove all toxins. Hear these pieces and your depression will disappear. Oh really? Does that happen every single time? Does that track come with a guaruntee?

Some people who see this will immediately wonder, “Is this is an opinion piece? or something for a peer reviewed journal?” Hopefully, a bit of both.

When opinion and conjecture are taken out of the picture, how does music actually heal? And when it does, how can we listen so it heals better and deeper?

Not all will agree, but for the sake of a common framework, and so you know my bias: human beings have a body, a mind and a soul. The body has a certain spectrum of vibration and shows up in 3D. The mind and emotions are on a higher spectrum than physical matter and occupy part of 4D. They surround and vibrate in and through the physical body in an energy field that surrounds the body 7 feet in all directions from the sternum.

The soul frequencies are beyond ordinary thought and feeling and are both immortal and vibrate in 5D. They are much, much more powerful. And for most people, much more scarce in their physical world. The miracles of healing all over the world flow to us from the soul frequencies. It is the realm of Masters and of Archangels. They are frequencies of incredible power. For most adults, they participate in these soul healing frequencies only through effort and regular spiritual practice, if at all.

One remarkable example in history of a Master of soul energy and healing is Lao Tzu. Many don’t realize that he lived in his physical body more than 250 years. He learned about healing frequencies by spending time in Nature. Twice in the same incarnation he spent 50 years immersed in Nature. From these investigations, he created a system of regeneration to help other people do the same.

His system is called Tai Chi Gung. My teacher and mentor lived and trained at the original Lamasery Lao Tzu started more than 3000 years ago. I’ve been practicing these regenerative exercises daily for more than 36 years.

Through moving with Nature and breathing energy, we connect with the frequency of Nature. Lao Tzu learned that the elements of Nature: Earth, Water, Fire and Air radiate an immortal vibration constantly. When worked with consciously, immersing in and meditating with the elements can help restore the natural vibration of the body and heal it.

But it was more than just a physical system. In simple terms, the exercises we practice daily, open a portal of soul energy that can come into the physical body. It’s similar to how the spiritual portals work in Sedona, except it happens through the energy field of each individual student, connecting them to the life force that sustains them.

But what does this have to do with music and healing?

Music with soul energy is far more powerful than music or frequency tracks without it.

When we go to a fantastic concert, or hear our favorite artist, we’ll often get a “chill” that runs up and down our spine as we listen to the music. The music, and the artist has touched our soul. At times, all tension leaves us. We feel an overwhelming sense of being loved. And more often than not, we feel it physically in our bodies. It is as if heaven has touched earth.

From a frequency point of view, we have literally just experienced heaven on earth. Where then does the healing coming from? “Where there is Light, there can be no darkness.” Where and when the high vibration anchors in the body, all symptoms must flee. From a metaphysical point of view, when we see perfection and believe it to be true and hold to this truth, perfect health manifests.

One reason music is so powerful is that it brings in the soul feeling. Faith is often felt. The feeling does matter in the mix. We have the thought, and we BELIEVE it. It speeds up the process.

Much of the “healing music” relies only on generating auspicious “frequencies”. By themselves, they have almost no soul energy. Even so, these frequencies do have merit. They do impact the physical body, it’s DNA structure, the balance and alignment of the energy centers, and the frequency in the field itself.

A “receptive” listener can tap these higher soul frequencies while listening and allow all sorts of miraculous things to happen. But the soul energy resonates primarily by the choice of the listener. They reach out to what is there all the time, it’s not inherently in the frequency track itself. When we participate with a soul decision, it’s incredibly powerful. This same choice explains the placebo effect, or as Master Rabbi Jesus said, “As you believe, so shall it be unto you.”

For my effort and time? I choose to write, compose, record and share music that is infused with as much Divine Soul Energy as I can possibly release through it. When you connect to the presence of the Divine through your own soul, you’ll sleep well at night, knowing all your symptoms are more or less, a misuse of your own creative power. They can be changed. You’re welcome to listen or purchase my music here:

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