It was winter, and my Tai Chi Gung Master and I met at the mall to walk for a couple hours during our weekly private session. The contrast between walking by Dillards and The Gap while discussing the nuts and bolts of living for 250 to 300 years in a health body always struck me as ironic. Hiding in plain site, a giant of spiritual power shared insights that were life changing.

During a particularly powerful discourse, Master Lama Rasaji saw that the energy was getting me unfocused and quite spacy, even for a German Taurus with way too much formal education for my own good. When we passed by Starbucks, he rather firmly suggested… try some coffee.

I hadn’t been drinking coffee up to that point. Not even a little bit. Having no clue, I ordered a double espresso. Much to my surprise, the first sip calmed me down tremendously. Rather than “energizing” me, it immediately grounded and centered my chi.

Much to the relief of my mentor, we could continue our class. And all that he was trying to get across would not be lost on me.

Over the years, he shared how coffee alters one’s energy field. The calm I felt was one side of coffee. The energizing effect is the other. The same “herb” can have opposite effects. This dual effect is much more common than most people realize.

At the core of “usefulness” for me is the realization that coffee has the ability to stimulate the left brain. It’s not accidental that the rise of the internet and the rise of Starbucks came in the same decades.

From a larger perspective, as the nurturing energy increases across the planet, it is moving people into an awareness of energy, and into their intuitive, right brain. Many people drink coffee to compensate. It keeps them in their left brain. This is not a regenerative cycle. One can’t run from balance for long without paying a price.

The price with most nutritional stimulants that appear to give energy is that they have an upside and a downside. In extremes, with too much in the body, the rush is followed by the crash. And the addictive syndrome is in play. The crash wears down the body systems, so more of the stimulant is needed to produce the same effect. Even so, it is possible to use coffee wisely and enjoy it along the way.

When I have a lot of work to do on the computer, I go to it early in the day with coffee in hand. It helps me focus and work more efficiently. Getting away from the computer sooner is actually good for your energy.

Computer work is dominated by the left brain. We’ll discuss the effect computer energy has on regeneration another time. The power of Tai Chi Gung is not lost on students who love coffee. Because they have learned to breathe energy and move with Nature, they can balance the Yang energy of the coffee with the Yin energy of breathing chi.

Coffee stimulates the adrenaline glands and increases circulation. This is where the energy boost shows up. We wake up because the water element is now more active. Unfortunately, coffee also brings acidity into the blood stream. By breathing energy, you can alkaline the system, countering the ill effects of coffee and be on your merry way. The better you breathe energy, the easier it is to stay in balance.

You get your boost, you get your left brain stuff done and you get to stay healthy too. Win – Win.

P.S. Breathing energy is something that 90% of our students feel in their first class. You can see the core exercises we do in every class in a short video on the homepage of



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